Glad You Asked!

by: Peter Bodo | February 06, 2006

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Howdy, folks. Well, well, well, we’ve had quite a little go ‘round on the most recent post about Kim Clijsters, haven’t we?

I promised last week that I would look a little further into this upcoming Proximus Diamond Games champagne giveaway – which some comment posters and the tournament promoters are billing as Kim’s lavishly generous “gift” to her fans. Oddly enough, Some of the Kool-Aid drinkers got their noses all bent out of joint when I suggested that the champagne giveaway had “cheesy publicity stunt” written all over it.

One ankle-biting Clijsters fan, commenting here at TW (or perhaps it was at the Tennis Warehouse boards thread devoted to my post on Kim), linked my promise to follow up on the Proximus story with my vow to look more deeply into some troubling elements of the doping saga in tennis. The poster implied that I never really meant to follow up; I was just trying to cover for shoddy journalism.

Well, I did some spadework on the drug issue in Australia but am still one or perhaps two phone calls from getting the answers I need. I’ll write a post when I feel I’ve got the full story, which will be shortly.

As for Kimmy’s champagne party, well, it just hasn’t been a “drop everything!” priority. I’ve had a lot of catching up to do after getting back, and I’m coming off vicious four-day bout of the flu. So far though, I find it odd that despite all the promotional noise being made, I found no mention of the champagne giveway at Kim's own official website. You would think that if she's forking out a quarter-of-a-million dollars to thank her fans, she'd have something to say about it. Oh, sorry! She's just being extra-nice and modest, right. . .

All will be made clear in due time. Trust me.

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