by: Peter Bodo September 10, 2006


Well, we're down to it, the last match on the last day of the last Grand Slam event of the year, the U.S. Open. I'm posting this so that you can discuss the final and weigh-in with your own post mortens later tonight and tomorrow. Before I forget, Matt Zemek, can you hear me? Please post the website where we can read your college football columns in the comments, okay?

I'll write a post after the men's final, and Steggy and I will both be posting some closing comments, but not until Tuesday. She's going shopping tomorrow for a new TV and glamorous shoes (which she will then proceed to duct-tape up; trust me on that); I'm looking at a late night, because I have about an 8-hour deadline to write a recap of the tournament for Tennis, the magazine. I've also got to take Luke to his first day of school tomorrow.

You all may be interested in following the junior (18-and-under) finals. There are four American boys in the doubles final; it will be Jamie Hart and Nathaniel Schnugg against Jarmera Jenkins and Austin Krajicek (how's that for diversity, folks?), and xenophobes take note: the U.S. Open's own website hasn't even bothered to crank up the marching band. For full coverage of the junior action, check out the two 24/7 junior websites, Colette Lewis's Zootennis and Marcia Frost's College and Junior Tennis.

Colette and Marcia are hardcore, in-the-trenches tennis nuts and they deserve all our support. Both should have full wraps by tonight, and the synergy between them is wonderfully old-school - Colette is crashing on Marcia's sofa tonight, because she couldn't get her work done and still get a flight out.

Okay, everyone. Enjoy the final!

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