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by: Peter Bodo | November 19, 2006

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Results 11/13 - 11/19


  • TMC Shanghai: Federer d. Blake (6-0, 6-3, 6-4); Bjorkman/Mirnyi d. Knowles/Nestor (6-2, 6-4)


Upcoming Exhibitions/Clinics 11/20 - 11/26

Reruns On TV


  • 11/20 YEC Shanghai Doubles Final 8AM/11PM EST
  • 11/21 TMS Madrid: Henman vs. Srichaphan 8AM EST
  • 11/22 1995 DC Classic: Sampras vs. Kafelnikov 8AM EST
  • 11/24 1989 DC Classic: Becker vs. Edberg 9AM EST
  • 11/24 2006 King's Cup: Coria vs. Ferrer 8PM EST
  • 11/25 DC - USA vs. Russia (relive the slaughter!) 8PM EST
  • 11/26 DC - Argentina vs. Australia 8PM EST


  • Keep dreaming..

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Tribe Notes

Happy Birthday to Ruth, who turned an unknown number of years this past Saturday! Mmy is busy grading papers - please do not disturb. Tari and Veruca Salt are considering taking the veil until January 1st; many others appear to be in mourning. Steggy's total number of hours of sleep since Friday morning: 6. Pete is rumored to be lurking for this week, as he is on vacation.

HgotwTribe Notes wishes to remind those who are planning to deep-fry their Thanksgiving turkey this year to thoroughly thaw it before immersing in 350-degree oil. You don't want to know what happens if it still the least bit frozen.  Momofan: Buy one of these and feed yourself throughout the dorm week (grilled cheese, yum-yum). Hot tennis player of the week pictured at right; photographer unknown.


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