Odds, Ends, Awards. . .

by: Peter Bodo | December 13, 2006

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HnyChris Chung, an Associate Editor at Tennis and one of the backfield Internet wizards who helped brighten the pre-Steggy Dark Ages, came around this morning and pointed me to a new feature at the Tennis.com website, the section called Backcourt, and one component that y'all might enjoy: Framed .

Check out the videos posted there and feel free to shoot Chris (and his partner, former Tennis intern Daniel Stern) links to your favorite video clips. Incidentally, for you David Nalbandian fans, here's one that was just sent to me by our Editor-in-Chief, James Martin.

Also, Steggy and I decided that we're going to celebrate the holidays with the First Annual Armadillo Poster awards, and we invite all of you to submit entries. But please - don't post these in the Comments, it will ruin the fun. Email them to either or both of us. Think along these lines:

And the "Poster most likely to be spotted in a Billy Idol video (circa White Wedding)" award goes to. . . Rosangel!


And the "Poster most likely to replace that classroom portrait of George Washington with one of Rafael Nadal" goes to. . . Daylily!

Send them along, we'll cull and organize them and post them along with our selection for Poster of the Year. But please, via email only!

Tomorrow, I'll be posting a column over at ESPN in the morning, and then posting some additional thoughts in which I hope to tie the Bjorn Borg vs. Roger Federer comments in with a few themes that have been knocking around here for some time now.

Some of you will be going on-line tonight after having had one too many GEs at the holiday party, so feel free to go off-topic; the previous two posts have lots of room for on-topic comments and discussion.

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