The Deuce Club, 1.3 (08!)

by: Peter Bodo | January 03, 2008

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[[As alert comment poster VE quite hilariously notes below, this post is by the indispensible Heidi, not me - PB]]

Happy new year, everyone!  Maybe the shine is already off the New Year for you -- it generally dies for me the first time I have to write a check with the new year on it.  But let's just pretend.

I am in an especially cheery mood at the moment because my late-night TV is back!  I'm so happy.  I really got into a routine in grad school unwinding at the end of the day in front of the TV, cleaning a bit and emailing and sorting mail and so forth.  Yes, the life of a princess.

Phpjs47zrpm Hope you all had wonderful, food-filled holidays.  I did my best to help that process for some of my friends.  The cookie parcels (from the recipe I shared a couple of weeks ago) are to the right.  Martha Stewart would be horrified at me, since I can't be bothered to do them up in anything better than baggies and twist ties, but I did get out the Christmassy gift cards at least.

I also received a whole lot of chocolate, much of it Swiss, and cheerfully ate it while contemplating the extraordinary health and conditioning regimen of my favorite Swiss man.

I took last week off from Deuce, partly enabled by my lack of photos to post.  But I also had to attend MLA as we call it, the Modern Language Association's annual convention that hosts something like 10,000 participants and usually sprawls across several hotels.  MLA is the governing body of academic literary studies in the United States, and its conference is the Grand Slam of conferences, with tons of panels, job interviews, and book sales.  I always enjoy it.  But I am also glad to have it out of the way so I can quietly keep working away and prepare for two weeks of working in front of the TV for the Aussie Open.

Like all of you, I'm looking forward to big tennis things in '08, ranging from Roger Federer's march towards the stuff of legends to the Williams sisters playing doubles again.  But as always, this is your OT thread.  Don't forget to send news and pictures!  Let's get some holiday decorations photos up, shall we?

Oh, and now that we're in the New Year and everyone starts thinking about how to use their vacation time, we can start coordinating the Tribe meetings at tournaments.  Keep me posted (ideally by email)!


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