Your Call, July 10th

by: Peter Bodo July 10, 2008


Good morning. As usual, please use this space for discussing today's tennis-related events.

For anyone that's interested, I said after the Federer-Nadal Wimbledon final that I would get my photos sorted out and uploaded as quickly as I could. The good news is that I've just spent the last two hours putting together a web gallery; the bad news is that right now I can't upload it to the server, due to "scheduled maintenance" going on. I'll keep trying, and add in the link in this space as soon as I've succeeded in performing the upload. In particular, some of my pictures, taken without flash (though, some show the flashes from other people's cameras) capture just how dark it really was on Centre Court when the match ended, and I've deliberately left the light levels uncorrected for anyone who wishes to see what the the conditions were like by 9.16 p.m. Having also watched back the recording of the match by now, I can confirm that the light was noticeably worse than it appeared on TV, and that the pictures without flash in them should give a truer impression. I also have more Wimbledon pictures that haven't yet been shared - I'll sort these out over the next few days, and similarly post the links in these daily posts.

-- Rosangel Valenti

Note: As always, "Your Call" is the daily thread specifically for the purpose of getting together on the cyber-sofa to discuss or call ongoing matches, or hot tennis topics of the day; It's the"Crisis Center" thread for those weeks when there are no Grand Slams, Masters, or Fed or Davis Cup in progress. You can go off-topic here if you like as well. This makes it easier for you to stay on-topic at "premium" posts. For going off-topic, you also have Monday Net Posts and Deuce Club on a regular basis.

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