Book Group: A Champion's Mind

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 /by

Pete Good afternoon, everyone. We're here to talk about the autobiography I recently wrote with Pete Sampras, A Champion's Mind. As you may recall, you're invited to post any reviews of, or comments about, the book. I will be here most of the afternoon (until I need to run and pick up at Cowboy Luke at school, for our pizza party with the Friedman clan), and will also be happy to answer any questions having to do with Pete and/or the book and how it was conceived, created, etc. etc.  I'm going to give you about a 10-minute head start and then jump in to gab. You can post your thoughts in the Comments section. I'll answer as many questions as I can, in the order I receive them; if I've skipped your question, no offense meant - it just means I can't give an answer, or feel it isn't appropriate or necessary (if, for instance, you ask me how old Pete is, or how many Grand Slam titles he won, I'll pass). We'll take a break in the late afternoon, and then I'll jump back in this evening, after we return home from the pizza party and Luke's gone to bed. I'll probably be around from 9-ish for about 90 minutes, depending again on how much action we've got. Now I'm going to run and grab a bowl of cereal - be back in 10!

-- Pete

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