Your Call, 12.13

Saturday, December 13, 2008 /by

Smallyourcall So, does the classic Your Call logo make you wistful for the old days - how distant they now seem - when you you were actually able to call matches at a YC post?  Well, slowly but surely we're getting there - before long, everyone will be bleary-eyed and cranky at work from keeping crazy hours in order to watch or track results Down Under. Not a minute too soon for most of you, either.

I'm up at the farm in game-rich Andes, on a boy's weekend with Asad Raza/Ray Stonada and Cowboy Luke. We made a County Tire run to pick up my recently ailing Jeep, then had breakfast in town (Delhi), with my good huttin' buddy, Chris Ingvordsen and his friend Billie. Luke got made because I was talking too much to play with him, so he crashed his Star Wars Ty-fighter (?) into his pancakes and made the ultimate threat - Daddy, I'm going to rip up your hunting license! That boy does know how to get my attention. It's snowing here, about 20-degrees, and last night the moon was full and we could have taken a 10-mile hike without benefit of flashlight because of the reflective property of the snow. Instead, Asad we lay around watching the wood stove and drinking scotch (except for Luke - he's a bourbon man. Just kidding, of course, he was sound asleep by then, on bed with a brand-new heated blanket pad. Great device, BTW, if you have an old, cold farmhouse that takes about 24 hours to heat up adequately for children and the thin-blooded).

I had a great meeting yesterday with US Davis Cup captain and the head of the re-structured USTA development program. I'll have a full report on that, early next week. Tonight we're off to dinner at the Andes hotel; the afternoon project is trying to get the Orange Blossom running, so I can put on the chains and plow. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone, see you at the holiday party on Monday!

-- Pete

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