Your Call: Sveta Edition

by: Peter Bodo | May 08, 2009

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Mornin' everyone. This will be the
Your Call post for discussing and following today's action at the various locations where the pro game is being played. One thing I kind of like about these weeks that lack a single dominant event (a Masters 1000, or WTA Mandatory) is the diversity they represent. Admit it, don't you feel just a little bit jet set as you travel from Estoril to Rome to Belgrade and beyond at the mere click of a mouse? And just think, you don't have to present a passport, take off your shoes (invariably revealing a hole in your sock), or endure the humiliation of a full body-cavity search. . .

It looks like Svetlana Kuznetsova is coming to life again, as she does periodically. Did you know that her Porsche GP win last week was her first title in . . .two years? Yikes! I guess we'll soon find out if she's really ready to move on from that always-the-bridesmaid rut that she's been in since, seemingly, forever. She hit 27 winners against Jelena Jankovic in her last match (twice as many as Jelly chalked up) and she attacked Jankovovic's vulnerable second serve consistently. That's the formula for beating Jankovic: attack her second serve, take your chances and go for the putaway when the opportunity arises. And this just in: the Kooze just won her semifinal with the hottest player on the tour these days, Victoria Azarenka.

Enjoy, and I'll be back in a little while with a red-meat post.

-- Pete

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