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Friday, October 23, 2009 /by
1286228 By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Evening, TWibe. So guess what: I'm sick. Again. You'll recall that I'd battled bronchitis a few weeks back but was finally starting to feel healthy once more ... then last weekend, I was walloped by a horrible case of the flu. And I thought the bronchitis was bad! High fever, chills, nausea, coughing - the works. I pray it's a long time before I see another illness like this again. I'm finally feeling like my old self again, but since I was down and out all week, I enlisted one of our TWibe regulars to pinch-hit for me as your Deuce Club host. (Obviously, I threw the baseball reference in there - and there's another one! - because the American League Championship Series is at the forefront of my thoughts. Who do we think will join the Phillies in the World Series? Feel free to use this space to discuss, as we have been all month long.)

Where were we? Ah yes, our guest host: The lovely jewell was generous enough to offer her services this week, and she's put together a fantastic DC for y'all. Thanks, jewell - don't know what we'd do without you!

Well, it’s nearly the end of the tennis season (not to mention a long wedding season for me), and I’m already feeling in a bit of a holiday mood, planning places to go away to in the dull time after Christmas. I wish it would hurry up and get here in some ways, although there’s a fair bit to enjoy between now and then. So perhaps I shouldn’t wish the time away too much.

It’s always fun planning holidays, before the realities of needing to limit travel time, face one’s phobia of flying, save money, etc. kick in. When you only have a week, do you go somewhere new, or do you go somewhere tried and tested where you know you’ll enjoy yourself? If you don’t like flying (and I don’t), it takes an awfully long time to get anywhere from this silly little island, and do I want to spend two days out of a week’s holiday sitting on a ferry or in a car driving to the Channel Tunnel? Hmm ... probably not!

I think my dream holiday would be more like retirement – a long wander through Europe (paying particular attention to the eastern end), Central Asia and into Russia, then a trip across to America for a few years drifting about the north and Canada. I’d want to poke my nose in to all the small and out-of-the-way places and avoid some of the bigger, more well-known cities. If anyone has any tips for this mythical future trip, please share!

And if we’re talking real dreams, I wouldn’t mind a time machine so I could spend a week in some of the best places in history – Tudor and Regency London, perhaps, Byzantium under Justinian and Theodora, then again when the empire was in decline, Reformation Geneva, classical Athens. I’d probably choose Regency London, if I had to only choose one; it just sounds like a city of the most enormous fun.

Anyway, in the interests of brightening up the long autumn drag, I’m curious to know about your
dream holidays. If money or even time were no object, where would you go and why?

(Oh ... and where did I choose to go in real life? Wales. I think I must have a thing for wind and rain.)

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