The Deuce Club, 11.27

by: Peter Bodo | November 27, 2009

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93447026 By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Hey there, TWibe! Are you guys enjoying the WTFs? I know I am, considering almost all of the matches have been closely contested. And while I'm not a big fan of the round robin format, I'll say that it does provide for some major excitement, as it did last night. I'm hoping we see some barnburners this weekend, as well.

Rosangel has provided fantastic reports and photos of her time at the O2, and I'd love for the other TWibers in attendance to do the same. If you've been able to witness some of the WTF action live, please feel free to share stories in the Comments - or send them to me to include in next week's Deuce Club. You'll also notice that SilentP has added some photos from the event to our Facebook group, TennisWorld > Real World. Make sure to take a look!

Though I'm a day late, I wanted to wish those of you in the States a happy Thanksgiving. How did y'all celebrate the holiday? Did you stuff yourselves silly? Watch football? And what about today - have you already taken advantage of the Black Friday sales?

My Thanksgiving was lovely, as usual. My family was actually around this year - recall that last year I spent the holiday with my co-worker and her parents - so the day felt blessed from the start. We prepared a scrumptious feast, with everything you'd expect to see in a traditional Thanksgiving spread. Minus the turkey, of course (we're vegetarians, as you probably know). Stuffing, potatoes, veggies, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie ... who needs a bird when you've got all that going on?

The rest of the day was spent bonding with my sister Elizabeth and reflecting on all that I'm thankful for. I try to do the latter regularly but it's easy to forget, what with work and daily stressors usurping my time and brain space, so I was happy to make it a priority yesterday.

In giving my thanks, I thought about tennis and TennisWorld almost immediately. It was such a significant part of my life this past year that it was only natural to make a list of tennis-related happenings I was thankful for:
  • Federer finally winning that French Open title. Made all the more gratifying after a frustrating hard court season and incessant "He's through!" talk.
  • Another historic and dramatic Wimbledon men's final, just one year after the Greatest Match of All Time (whodathunkit?!). The quality of tennis wasn't comparable, perhaps, but I was at the edge of my seat - and of sanity - the entire time. That's how you want to feel watching a Slam final, right?
  • Clijsters's remarkable comeback. A former champ making a much-touted return only to fall flat on his/her face isn't my idea of fun, so I'd hoped we'd witness the opposite ... but certainly didn't expect it. Yet that's just what we got! What an incredible feel-good story. (And while I'm on it, I'm thankful for Henin announcing her return, too. If she can shake things up like Clijsters did, we're in for a wild 2010 season.)
  • Being able to attend three tournaments this year - Indian Wells, Cincinnati, and the U.S. Open - and sharing all of the experiences with you here in the DC. Which goes hand in hand with ...
  • Meeting loads of TWibers at all of these events. The trips wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable had I been on my own or even with my "real life" friends; there's something about being around TW folks in a tennis context that makes one feel ... safe. You guys just get it. It's ironic, really, considering we're essentially strangers to one another. But maybe it's that inscrutability that makes this coming together so rewarding - and so memorable.
  • Pete for continuing to trust me with this DC space! I count my lucky stars that I get to be a member of this illustrious TW crew.
  • Most of all, I'm thankful that I belong to the TW community and have the chance to get to know such interesting, clever, thoughtful, and supportive people. Truly, you guys rock.

Now it's time for you to tell us what you're thankful for as it related to tennis and/or TW. If you'd rather just list those things you're thankful for in general, that's fine, too!

One last thing:

We plan on handing out TW Awards again this year. For those of you who haven't been around for very long, this is when we award our fellow TWibers with a variety of honors. Here's how it'll work: Please take a moment and think of some creative awards, including which TWibers should win them, and send me your ideas here. I'll be collecting your submissions over the next few weeks, then Pete and I will look through 'em and make a final call on the awards list, to be posted hopefully before the end of the year. If you're in need of some inspiration, check out last year's award ceremony here. (Some examples of last year's awards are The I'm Trying to be Reasonable, but it Takes Some Effort award, The I can't help it, the exclamation point key is stuck! award, and Poster most likely to elicit an LOL.) Any questions, just holler. Thanks, everyone!

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