The Deuce Club, 5.14

by: Peter Bodo | May 14, 2010

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By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

I'm auto-posting this on Thursday, as I'm about to head to the east coast for a little weekend getaway. Well-deserved after a chaotic couple of weeks! Since I knew I wouldn't be around for this Deuce Club, I enlisted the services of a couple of guest hosts who were sure to do a bang-up job with the topic I had in mind, the same topic I dubbed the TWibe's "favorite" last week.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's Hott List time!
The always-entertaining Jenni and Carrie offered to take on the "challenge" of naming their top 10 hottest players on the ATP tour. (We'll devote another DC to the WTA Hott List in a week or two. I had to spread things out.)

The last time we did this was back in 2008, just as I was starting out this gig as your Social Director. Click here to see that post. While it was a wildly popular topic and provided for a great time, I decided to hold off on reprising it until I had a sense that we wouldn't see the same names all over again (Safin - Haas - Verdasco - Lopez ... hott, yes, but snore). And I'd say that after about a year and a half, the tours - and perhaps our tastes? - have changed enough to where we'll likely see some new (hott) faces in our top 10s. Prove me right, TWibe!

What am I still doing here? I know you're clamoring for the goods, so without further ado, here's Jenni and Carrie's ATP Hott List!

J & C: First off, we're very honored to be asked to participate in this year's TW Hott List (a.k.a. the only list that really matters ... rankings?  PFFT). I do feel the need to warn everyone ahead of time: This list is Fedalkovic free. They are all hot in their own special ways, but we really were trying to get some new names on the list this year.

Also, there are 11, instead of 10. I'd like to say it's because we are deep and trying for some Spinal Tap symbolism, but really it's because we couldn't bear to cut anybody else.

So here goes:

1. Fernando Gonzalez

C: He may be prone to breaking rackets and rubbing out line marks with his rear end, but cheekiness aside (pun intended), Gonzo is hott. Perhaps the most beautiful eyes on tour - a green/grey/violet combo fringed by black lashes - and a great set of gams. And despite his occasional misbehaving on court, he is a real sweetheart off of it whose voice cracks when he is emotional.

J:  What's not to like? Fiery temper, pretty eyes, loves animals. Plus there's an air of mystery that surrounds him, as you never know what his next hissy fit is going to be about.

2. Juan Martin del Potro

C:  Pour me a cup of this long-limbed, architecture-loving sweet tea! His Eeyore tendencies and occasional Wolfman facial hair mishaps cover a lovely pair of eyes, and then there's that fantastic coif and the humble, thoughtful demeanor.

J:  He's not everyone's cup of tea, much to Carrie's chagrin, but he's a great example of "Much, MUCH hotter in person." Plus he's even cute when he cries.

3. David Ferrer

C: Unassuming, self-deprecating (and sometimes self-loathing), whiskey-voiced stud. Combine unusual eyes and amusing on-court outbursts followed by sweetness off of it, and you have a hottie. Plus, Roddick is a fan boy!

J:  For all of the posts I've composed here on Ferru's awesomeness on the court, I actually think the hottest thing about him is how kind and gracious he is towards all of his fans. Also, that voice ... yowza.

4. Gilles Simon

C: Has the mussed hair, eyes, and build of the intriguing foreign neighbor who studies poetry, acting, and black and white photography. Would look great in a black turtleneck and debating whether or not we are in post-post-post-modern world.

J: Here's the thing with Gilles: You think he's just adorable, with his poofy hair, big grin and chicken legs, and then he does something like play the piano while speaking to you in French, and you realize he's actually totally hott.

5. Tommy Robredo

C: Has the classic good looks of a Monty Clift, and with his tendency to wear watches on court you know he's prompt. Able to remain handsome despite jacked-up teeth and love of 1983-style hairdos - now that is hott power.

J: Let's just face it, this list would be invalid without Hott Romanesque Disco TRob. Although seriously - sunblock, Tommy. Look into it.

88718749 6. Juan Carlos Ferrero

C: The 17th century called - it wants its handsome aristocrat back. His face is full of the striking sharp angles and occasional haughty expression that would have driven the ladies in the court of Philip IV wild. So if you ever want to see some old-fashioned handsomeness without that pesky time travel, JCF is your man.

J: For the longest time, I never got the appeal of JCF. Then around January 2008 he cut his hair and dyed it brown, and BAM! Instant Hott. We couldn't use any recent pictures, though, since that haircut (like his recent record) is atrocious.

7. Mikhail Youzhny

C:  Has retro Red Army hottie looks and an intriguing/scary/sexy mix of great talent and uber-intensity. Adorable in lollipop commercials. Likes to read (a plus!).

J: I admit, he's not one of my favorites on-court. But I definitely understand the appeal of a guy who rides the line between extreme intensity and self-destruction.

8. Juan Monaco

C: Some guys are handsome, some guys are cute, and some guys are sexy. Juan is sexy - nay, sex-ay. Player most likely to make me talk like Blanche Devereaux.

J:  Three words: Shrink Wrap Shirts.

9. Thomaz Bellucci

C: I don't think this man has pores; his skin is flawless. And while he was gawky when he was younger he is starting to come into his own as a handsome young man. Photogenic and may appeal to those who say their type is a Mario Ancic sort.

J:  I'm pretty sure he's a newcomer to this list, but certainly not undeserving. He's got kind of a geeky-hott thing going on (see #2), and I think it's only going to get better with age.

10A. Nenad Zimonjic

C:  Great with fans, and excited father whose striking looks enable him to not look like a doofus with a goatee. Plus, up close his eyes are a neat amber color. Take that, Edward Cullen!

10B. Julien Benneteau

J:  Don't even tell me you didn't see this one coming. From the two-toned hair to the gangly lamb-legs, it's just six feet of awkward French Hottness. He'll never win a Grand Slam, or a Masters Series event, but he's on the Hott List. Take that one to the bank, Jay-B!

Honorable Mentions:

Dustin Brown (Carrie campaigned hard for him to be in the top 10 - maybe next year!), Fedalkovic (The Trilogy), Andy Roddick, Fernando Verdasco, Santiago Giraldo, Nicolas Lapentti, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Mario Ancic
Wow, that's some list. You gals didn't disappoint!
Now it's your turn, TWibe. Give us your ATP Hott 10 and try to include a little description explaining why each guy made your list. Let's stick with active players only.

Thanks again to Jenni and Carrie for setting the stage with their awesome Hott List and for hosting in my absence. Have a great time, everyone, and I'll be back next week! (Or you'll see me in the Comments as usual. I'll try to get online so I don't miss all the fun.)

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