The Deuce Club, 5.28

by: Peter Bodo | May 28, 2010

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100365424 By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Hey everyone! How is everyone enjoying Roland Garros? It's been a rough week for TW (or so it seems), as is wont to happen during Slams. I'm hoping the Deuce Club, despite being RG-themed, will give you guys a nice break from the drama.

Let's start off with some Suicide Pool updates (many thanks to the folks at for all of their hard work!). I'm still in the men's pool, which has seen plenty of carnage over the past few days. We're already down to less than 60 people after starting with 315. I didn't have as much luck on the women's side, getting knocked out on Day 4; I should've known better than to put my fate in Dulko's hands. Last year's Australian Open was my first SP attempt, and I made it to the quarters in both, so I'd consider this a rather disappointing sophomore effort. But I guess we'll see what happens with the men - wish me luck. How are you guys faring? Alive or dead?

Some brief SP reflections before I move on: Participating in it completely alters how I experience tournaments. My rooting interests are skewed, my scoreboard-watching manic. I find myself cheering mightily for players I wouldn't normally pay any attention to, or wanting players I routinely support to lose, either because I didn't "save" them or because they're one of the SP bandwagons of the day (I try to avoid those - the non-conformist in me, I guess). And while the Murray-Gasquet barnburner was happening, all I could pay attention to was the Schiavone-Kulikova score because Fran was my Day 2 pick. What?! Studying my SP experience reminded me why I threw in the towel after that first go-around. It just makes everything too ... weird.

But don't get me wrong. I still want to win.

Now on to what's become a DC tradition during the majors ... our fashion round-up! Since I haven't seen many players this week - waking up at 4 AM to watch never used to be this difficult - I didn't put together full best and worse dressed lists. Maybe you guys can help?

Luckily, Getty Images came to the rescue and I was able to slap together a few comments on the outfits I found noteworthy for whatever reason - good, bad, confusing. This'll get you started.

Overall, I thought the RG outfits were pretty innocuous. Nothing great, nothing terrible, and mostly recycled. That's why I didn't object to Venus's look, 'cause at least it was different! And did it really warrant that much attention? The Spanx made me blush a little, sure, but I actually found the dress to be less scandalous than her AO number, with its plunging neckline and skirt slits. My main criticism has to do with the colors: They're too dark, better suited for a US Open night match, maybe.

Federer and Nadal both look great. I'm glad Nike didn't try to do too much with either guy. Changing up Rog's sleeves updated his usual look without bastardizing it. I love the blue and green color scheme on Rafa, especially against the stark white shorts. Really pops. (See? No competing colors or patterns on his shorts makes all the difference in the world. Less is more.) Serena's in the same summery colors as Rafa, and she looks fantastic, too.

Who else. Julien Benneteau's crisp, preppy Lacoste number suited him well and set him apart from the Adidas/Nike crowd. Caroline Wozniacki's dress made me scratch my head. The shape and fit work - more flattering than her previous Stella McCartney dresses (she's still in Stella, right?) - but what's with the print? It makes her look like she's sweating in all the wrong places.

Now it's your turn to be the fashion police. Which outfits did you love/hate?

If fashion isn't your thing, feel free to use this space to comment on anything you please. Favorite matches, week two predictions, gripes with the coverage/commentators, etc.

Wrapping up this post with a lil' bit of karaoke: Click here and here.

Bon week-end, TWibe! And happy Memorial Day to my fellow Yanks!

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