The Deuce Club, 1.28

by: Peter Bodo | January 28, 2011

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By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Evening, TWibe! The Deuce Club is jam-packed this week, so let’s dive right in.

I have the results of the AO Sucide Pool, and it looks like we couldn't have asked for better TW representation . . . both the men's and women's pools were won by TWibers! Congratulations to Fatboy, who's the women's SP champ, and Jacko, who was one of the two champs on the men's side! No one beat the draw, but the survivors still did a bang-up job:

AO '11 Women's SP Champion Fatboy's picks: Petkovic - Jovanovski - Cibulkova - Pavlyuchenkova - Sharapova - Peng - Wozniacki - Radwanska - Li - Zvonareva - Clijsters - out of picks

AO '11 Men's SP Champion Jacko's picks: Nishikori - Berankis - Monfils - Garcia-Lopez - Wawrinka - Melzer - Berdych - Ferrer - Federer - Murray - Djokovic - out of picks

Awesome job, guys. You guys get a framed photo of any player, right? Who are you choosing?

I have a melange of AO-related goodies for you (I hope you think they're goodies, anyway), starting with an AO fashion rundown.

I usually talk fashion in the first DC during a Slam, but I stayed away from the topic last week, assuming you'd already heard and read enough about it. Not a wise move! Seems some of you missed the tradition—and I missed hearing your impressions, too!—so here's my fashion report, a week late. Share yours in the comments!


Generally, I liked what I saw, especially all of the bright colors; the greens, pinks, and yellows contrasted nicely against the surroundings. What year was it when seemingly everyone was dressed in blue and blended in with the courts? Was it just last year? I'm glad there was less of that, though I will say I didn't mind del Potro's blue in the least—good to see him again, in any color.

An interesting color-related observation from my sister: She doesn't like it when the players wear colorful shorts, favoring blacks, whites, and greys instead. Something about how they’d look ridiculous if they wore that outside of the tennis court. That never even occurred to me! I don't object to it, as long as the bottom matches the top. What do you guys think?

Justine Thumbs up

Ivanovic: Loved the green and purple color combination

Sharapova: Liked the orange sherbet and grey (at first I saw lilac—am I colorblind?) and that it's toned down from what she's worn in the last few Slams; could do without all of the straps, though

Henin (I'll miss you, Justine!): Again, nice color combination; athletic, no frills but still feminine

Azarenka: Somehow always ends up looking awkward despite having a great figure, but this pink number is flattering since it elongates her upper body

Dulko: Unlike some, I really liked the Lacoste kit; it’s unique but not in an outlandish way, with the visible drawstring and the sexy-but-not-scandalous keyhole opening

Benesova: Another eye-catching color combination, with the white and salmon (or is it more coral?); something about its simplicity that drew me to it—I'd want to wear this myself!

Kuznetsova: Midnight blue, white, and red Fila kit was sporty, functional, and fit her perfectly

Scheepers (why was I watching Scheepers again? ;)): Huge thumbs up on her K-Swiss black skirt, because it actually moved! More of that, please.

Federer: Cheery; coined him Sunny Side Up Fed. Another analogy—he’s the sun and the clouds against the blue sky. I need sleep.

Murray: I like seeing color on him (that wasn’t meant to be a joke), though the green and white is somehow more appealing than the green and black

Berdych: As with Fed, loved the yellow—bright and summery, popped on the screen.

Ferrer: His Lotto was more of a highlighter/radioactive yellow (compared to Berd’s Nike)—I thought it'd come across as offensive, but instead it was pretty striking

Lots of guys were in the color-bombed Adidas kits, and I actually didn’t mind them, even though it looked like a Fruit Roll-Up exploded on them. I did prefer the white version I saw on Monaco to the watermelon one Verdasco sported—less of an assault on the eyes.

Thumbs in the middle

Jankovic: Her dress fit her well, but the shade of pink was a little too bubblegummy for my taste. And what was with the jagged hemline?

Pennetta: Not terrible, but it felt a little too casual—like something you’d sleep in. And horizontal stripes are tough to pull off.

Safina: Sailor Moon.

Petrova: Not good, but not nearly as bad as we’ve seen in the past, right? So she gets a pass. Still, the tiered ruffled skirt has got to go.

Clijsters: Fine, I guess, but as Jenni said, is she trying to find out who stole her lucky charms?

Simon: Liked that he had a different look than usual, but not so keen on the clashing greens (shirt stripes vs. shorts).

Raonic: Simple, classic Lacoste look was a nice change of pace from the loud colors—but a tad boring

Thumbs down

Wozniacki: That skirt! I don't think you could've made it more unflattering if you tried. In the words of Jenni (again), she looked like an upside-down cupcake.

Venus: The blue number was too, too, short, and the material looked cheap—on Twitter, one compared it to a bathing suit, another to wrapping paper. The yellow outfit was even worse, if that's possible. I could’ve warmed up to the silky, iridescent skirt, but that lattice top was exquisitely tacky. (Click here for more on Vee’s fashion.)

Rezai. Always Rezai.

Roddick: I guess thumbs down is kind of harsh, but I really didn’t like that his shorts were black. Should’ve been blue to match the collar/detailing on his shirt.

Nieminen: On Twitter I said his shirt looked like “Mondrian meets vomit”

Sorry I don’t have photos, TWibe . . . hope some of these kits are still fresh in your memory so you can share your own fashion dos and don’ts!


Next up: I thought it’d be fun if you shared your favorite quote from this year’s AO. The ones I found most amusing are below:

Q. You called me a stalker the other day.
Q. Have you had a problem with a stalker before?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: Not until you, no. I don't know why you're here today. That shouldn't have happened. You even have a sign. Oh, goodness (laughter). That's wrong.

Thiemo Q. You were in the top 50 in 2010. What are your goals for 2011?
THIEMO de BAKKER: To win the match (smiling).

Q. Who has changed more hairstyles between you and your sister, colors and things like that?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't know (laughter). I think maybe we're confused on our identity, because we can't keep one hairstyle for more than a few months. But life is fun when you can change it up and have fun with it.
Q. I can't.
VENUS WILLIAMS: I have a couple of suggestions if you want to talk after (smiling).

Q. What do you expect in a guy?
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: What do I expect? Honesty. Understanding what I'm doing. Maybe a sports person himself.
Q. You're not going to find it in here.
CAROLINE WOZNIACKI: You know, sometimes the media is too good looking here, so I can't really focus on what I'm supposed to say (laughter).

Q. What do you invest all your prize money in, you sponsorship money in? Properties? Shares?
ROGER FEDERER: What do you expect what a Swiss guy would say?

Q. Did you try to beat the record of Mahut and Isner?
SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA: I tried, but apparently didn't work. She finish it earlier than I thought.

Q. Did you see the stats? He got on top of you pretty well winners to winners. You only had a couple breakpoints there. Talk about your overall feeling of the match. It was clear you were trying to fight to get back in, but it didn't seem like you could dominate many of the points.
ANDY RODDICK: Was that a question or a lot of statements back to back?
Q. Talk about the match in general. He hit a lot more winners than you, and I know it's important for you to dictate some of those points if you're going to beat a guy like that.
ANDY RODDICK: That was a statement again.

Q. You won the first set, then what happened after that?
FLAVIA PENNETTA: She won the second and the third.

Q. You're so different, at least you seem so different, to Pistolesi. He is always telling jokes. I don't know if he does it with you. But I know him since he was 18 years old. Do you like the company also or you don't see away from tennis?
ROBIN SODERLING: No, we spend a lot of time together. He's a great guy. I think you're wrong. I think we're very similar. It's just that I don't tell you guys jokes (smiling).
Q. Well, start.
ROBIN SODERLING: No (smiling).

Q. Last year you were in semifinals. Now you are in final. What are you going to do next year?
NA LI: If I win this year, maybe next year I will retire.

And more funny in these clips:

Go to the 2:00 mark

This might beat the pregnant interview

Enough from me . . .  what quotes or interviews will you remember?


But we can’t forget the tennis. We’re not pulling all-nighters for the fashion or the sound bites, we’re doing it for the tennis. So now, tell us:

  • What was the best match of the tournament? The worst?
  • What was the biggest upset?
  • Who surprised you the most?
  • Who will win the finals this weekend?


That’s a lot, I know. Feel free to comment on as much or as little of this as you like—I won’t take offense!

Wait! It’s not over yet. Here’s the poll you’ve all been demanding . . .

Nicknames for the Djokovic/Murray rivalry—take your pick:

Djurray Duty
Other (specify)

. . . laughing so, so, hard. Have a great weekend, TWibe.

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