The Deuce Club, 1.7

by: Peter Bodo January 07, 2011

Mahut By Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

(Like the photo? Has nothing to do with this post, but I couldn't resist.)

Evening, TWibe! Just a week in and I’m already adjusted to writing down “2011.” Scary how quickly it happens. I hope everyone’s new year is off to an auspicious start.

I’m guessing it was for at least Pspace, Tari, and Annie, who all celebrated birthdays this past week! (Did I miss anyone else?) Send them your well wishes if you haven’t already!

Did anyone watch Ace of Cakes yesterday? I didn’t even realize it was the U.S. Open episode (click here for a description) when I switched it on, so it was a fun late-night surprise watching Duff, Geoff, and co. create their Ashe Stadium replica and try their hand at tennis on Court 5. I especially enjoyed their reactions to seeing the pros up close—“Dude, we totally just saw Venus Williams . . . that was insane!”—since most of us have experienced that same awe. Martina, Anna, and Mats all made an appearance, looking fantastic. I get inordinately excited when I catch anything tennis-related in mainstream media; you'd think my family just popped up on the screen. I can't help it, it's that knee-jerk "Hey, I know them!" response. It's even worse with wrestling.

I digress. Time to dive into our topic for the week!

I had it all planned out. I was going to make the first Deuce Club of 2011 a predictions post. But what happened? Everyone beat me to the punch. Here on alone, we heard predictions on the podcast, and we read them on TW, on Steve's blog, on Pete's Cover it Live chat yesterday. Which means we’re all prediction-ed out! But I didn't want to abandon the idea entirely—I’m stubborn.

So, time to get creative. Forget who will win what Slam, who will improve the most, who will go downhill in 2011 . . . let's focus on what's important. You know, like, who will wear the most heinous outfit.

TWiber tan (Tanya) helped me flesh out the idea, coining it our “Psychic Corner,” which is apparently “a place where you make predictions about the mundane.” Couldn’t be more apt!

With both tan’s help, and that of good-friend-who-might-as-well-be-my-co-host jewell, I’ve drawn up some of these “mundane” categories to get you started. Then I’ll leave it to you to create some of your own.

Make your 2011 predictions on the following:

  • Well, who will wear the most heinous outfit?
  • Who will have the most MTOs?
  • Who will give us the biggest collapse from a winning position?
  • Who will throw the biggest on-court tantrum?
  • Who will give the best and worst victory speeches presser? [That should be easier.]
  • Who will get in major trouble? (Can be of the Gulbis in Stockholm variety, or something on-court, à la Serena vs. chair ump.)
  • Which couple will split up?
  • Who will be the next to join Twitter?
  • Which umpire(s) will make a bizarre/idiotic decision?
  • Which commentator(s) will make us break the mute button on our remotes?

Guys or gals are fair game, and you can answer as many of these as you like—or, as I said earlier, make up your own. Enjoy channeling your inner Miss Cleo, and have a great weekend!

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