The Deuce Club, 4.15

by: Peter Bodo April 15, 2011

Rafa by Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Hi gang! Last week, I debuted a new Deuce Club chapter (is that what I should call it?), centered on getting better acquainted with the TWibe . . . learning more about the men/women behind the monikers. (Click here to see the post.) I decided the best—and easiest—way to do this was to have TWibers take an "All About Me" questionnaire that my friends and I circulated in our teenage years. Tan was our first “subject" last week, and tonight I'm excited to spotlight another brave TW/DC regular. This poster’s responses will make his or her identity pretty obvious, but I figured I’d spice things up a bit and turn this into a guessing game. (Prize for a correct answer is yet to be determined. Suggestions are welcome.)

So now, here’s ____________!

  1. Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  2. Hair color: Various shades of brown
  3. Eye color: Greyish-blue
  4. Shoe size: 5 and a half
  5. Last film you saw: 2012
  6. Do you have a significant other?: Yes
  7. Crushes: Lots! Rafa Nadal, Jon Snow (newsreader), Sergio Ramos, Francis Crawford, Mr. Darcy
  8. Favorite film: Casablanca. And I won’t be convinced out of it.
  9. Favorite book: Too many to count, but this week I will stick with Mansfield Park.
  10. Currently reading: Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel
  11. Favorite poet: Gerard Manley Hopkins
  12. What you like to do on the weekend: Laze about, cook, watch a bit of tennis
  13. Favorite sport: Tennis, football, snooker
  14. Favorite vacation spot: Anywhere that’s in the country. No towns, please!
  15. Worst fear: Living without love, & loneliness.
  16. Best feeling in the world: Not suitable for TW!
  17. Worst feeling in the world: Grief.
  18. Death: Dust
  19. Long distance relationships: Difficult but perfectly doable if the love & commitment are there
  20. Fears: Spiders! [JR: *raises hand*]
  21. Allergies: Pollen, dust, blue chemical in cleaning stuff, manufactured scents like air fresheners & body sprays & aftershaves.
  22. Do you believe in heaven and hell?: I don’t think so, at least not Christian versions.
  23. Do you believe in aliens?: Not Roswell type ones, anyway.
  24. What do you do that makes your friends mad?: Get carried away by enthusiasm for random things & forget to notice them. [JR: Hmm, is tennis one of them?]
  25. Bad habits: Extreme untidiness
  26. Hard liquor or beer?:  A shot of brandy or whisky in a cup of tea on a cold camping morning. But generally neither, I mostly don’t drink at all.
  27. Chicken or turkey?: Chicken as long as it’s free range & had a happy life.
  28. Love or lust?: Love
  29. Favorite love song: “Tonight Will Be Fine” by Leonard Cohen
  30. Favorite break-up song: “Idiot Wind” by Bob Dylan (original New York version)
  31. What are you thinking at this very moment?: Did I do this right?
  32. Favorite kinds of clothes: Comfortable ones.
  33. Have you ever cried in public?: I try not to, I hate crying & its aftermath
  34. What do you hate: Mean-ness & cruelty
  35. What makes you angry: Bullying of any kind
  36. Who would you want to meet?: Charles de Gaulle
  37. What is the meaning of life?: Why isn’t just being alive enough?
  38. If you could change one thing that happened in your life, what would it be?: Nothing, in spite of the regrets.
  39. Favorite TW moment: Jambon Night. [JR: Who else remembers this? A favorite of mine, too!]

Enjoy the weekend, TWibe!

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