The Deuce Club, 12.9

by: Peter Bodo | December 09, 2011

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CRW_1725by Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Evening, TWibe! It’s time for another All About Me TWiber profile. This week we’re forgoing the guessing game since our spotlighted TWiber doesn’t post very often (and thus the game could go on forever . . . ). She says she’s a frequent lurker, though, and keeps up with the goings-on here on TW. A number of us also had the pleasure of meeting her at a tournament last year—hopefully our paths will cross again soon!

Introducing . . . Christine!

Age: 45 (I don’t care who knows!)

Birthday: One of the best days for a birthday as a kid—day before Halloween!

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Hair color: Dark brown (though some think it’s black, it’s not!)

Eye color: Hazel

Occupation: Taking care of my cutie!

Siblings: None

Do you have a significant other?: Yes, my wonderful husband.

Favorite actor: Bogie, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, no one in particular nowadays.

Last film you saw: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (excellent movie)

Favorite film: Too many to name.

Favorite TV show: Not any now, but Dick Van Dyke, Lucy, The X-Files, Northern Exposure.

What you like to do on the weekend: Relax and hang out with my family doing fun stuff.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food:  Homemade mac and cheese, yum!

Favorite sport: Oh I don’t know, tennis?

Favorite vacation spot: Hawaii for relaxing, New York for fun.

Pets: One dog at the moment, Rusty

Favorite number: 7

Best feeling in the world: Looking at my girl when she smiles at me and is happy.

Where do you want to live?: Lots of places, near the ocean, maybe a city in Europe somewhere.

Fears: Death, heights, closed-in spaces.

Do you believe in aliens?: Not really, though I feel like one sometimes.

Who is the closest person to you?: My best friend who I have known since 3rd grade.

Bad habits: I’m sure I have lots.

Talents: If I do I don’t know what they are!

Most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done: At a kids birthday party at a bowling alley, helping my girl get her ball that was stuck in the lane and falling down on the slick surface in front of everyone. I forgot you aren’t supposed to go in the lane. I was so embarrassed!

Hard liquor or beer?: Beer

Chicken or turkey?: Both

Favorite kinds of clothes: Comfy ones.

Something you want to do before you die: My dream is to go to all the Grand Slams. I’ve been to the U.S. Open so far.

Favorite person to talk to: My best friend.

Who would you want to meet?: I have always wanted to meet Chris Evert.

Who do you miss?: My dad and my aunt.

The last person to make you smile: My little girl.

Personal quote: The truth is rarely pure and never simple. Modern life would be very tedious if it were either, and modern literature a complete impossibility!—Oscar Wilde

First time posting on TW: I read it for a long time before posting. I think the first time was a post about BJK maybe after naming the Open Center after her.

Favorite TW moment: When someone in an article said we should write about anything on Pete’s blog and it would get tons of replies, so we did one about recipes and food and nothing tennis-related and the replies came flooding in!

Photo: My daughter, Sydney, wearing a cap from a team tennis match that Serena (her favorite player!) signed.

Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, Christine (and your little girl is adorable!). Though you're no stranger to the blog, consider this your "formal" welcome.

Everyone else, feel free to comment on the above responses and/or go as on- or off-topic as you please. (Have we already discussed Safin’s new gig? What do folks have planned for the holidays? Who's excited for our TW holiday party? You know the drill . . . )

Enjoy the weekend, TWibe!

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