Tomic's girlfriend leads the WAGs charge

by: Richard Pagliaro | January 19, 2012

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Maria Francisca PerelloOn the heels of his five-set victory over Alexandr Dolgopolov—"Anything you can do, I can do better"?—Bernard Tomic doesn't just have his wildly well-measured game to boast about. He also has a girlfriend who looks straight out of TV's nighttime teen soap Gossip Girl: Donay Meijer.'s Steve Tignor hilariously wondered aloud if she was named after the famous racquet brand. To be sure, it's a soap-operative name, and the two likely play the parts in private. Don't get too attached, though: Tomic is barely 19 years old, and the two have been dating for just about six months. There's a lot of life to live, though they seem quite happy in the now.

Meanwhile, the perfectly-named-for-what-it-is site has a fairly decent/indecent rundown of the top WAGS—that's Wives and Girlfriends—who alighted upon Melbourne to watch their men at the Australian Open. The fact-checking here is a bit suspect: Is that really a photo of Mardy Fish's wife, Stacey Gardner? Are Brooklyn Decker's eyes real? Where's Andy Murray's dear Kim Sears?

That aside, the Spin was taken by the write-up on Milos Raonic's own girlfriend, one Paula Kalini out of Toronto. What's more, her profile pic on Twitter somehow brings to mind Adele. As Martha Stewart would say in years gone by, "And that's a good thing." This girl should have more than 170 Twitter followers. Give her some love, tennis nation. She is, at present, the young woman behind the man who is the future. (Don't worry, my head just cramped, too.)

As it stands today, here are the Spin's five favorite WAGs, in no order:
+ Jelena Ristic: precocious, sweet as sugar, and seemingly without a care in the world (except when her man is down double match point at the U.S. Open).
+ Brooklyn Decker: This one simply amps up the star power at any tennis event, and surely snags a few casual sports fans' attention.
+ Maria "Xisca" Perello: Seems as humble and down-to-earth as her man. Quietly sensational.
+ Stacey Gardner: Mardy Fish is lucky to have landed this model-lawyer. Now if she can just get him some anger management...
+ Sasha Vujacic: Okay, not a WAG, but a HAB (Husband and Boyfriend)—and his clapping and concern for his mate are bar none among players' significant others, male or female.

And now, the Spin's WAGs Hall of Fame:
+ Bec Cartwright Hewitt: "Stand By Your Man" must be her operative song. It's been tough in recent years.
+ Bridgette Wilson-Sampras: Can't hate on the blonde beauty who has starred in such classics as The Wedding Planner, Mortal Kombat, Billy Madison, and I Know What You Did Last Summer.
+ Brooke Shields: It didn't last, but she added considerable star wattage. Didn't they almost have it all?
+ Irina Davydenko: See the Bec Hewitt entry above. And add a lioness's portion of feistiness.
+ Lara Feltham: As does her husband, Patrick Rafter, she simply smolders. She doesn't even have to try.

YOUR TURN: Who's your favorite WAG, now and of all time? Your own top 5?

Enjoy this middle weekend at the Aussie, Spin-meisters!

—Jonathan Scott

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