The Deuce Club, 2.25

by: Peter Bodo | February 24, 2012

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by Jackie Roe, TW Social Director

Hi, gang! Long time, no speak. How is everyone?

Indian Wells is quickly approaching, and as much as I’m looking forward to the live tennis (and the sunshine), I’m equally excited to meet up with all my TWibe pals. For those who’ll be in attendance, here are the details for our annual TW gathering:

Date: Friday, 3/9

Time: Let's set the start time as 9 PM, but night session ticket holders, feel free to show up fashionably late.

Place: Renaissance Esmeralda Hotel (lobby/bar area) [We’ve traditionally met at The Beer Hunter, but we’re trying something different this year—should be more convenient!]

If you’d like to exchange contact info in advance of the tournament, e-mail me here.

Last week, I received a great idea for a Deuce Club topic from a TW regular; she proposed that I solicit stories from posters about their tennis player encounters. Fun, no? Could be your account of getting a player’s autograph, or maybe you actually had a conversation or spent time with a player. I’d say even an unexpected off court player sighting is fair game. We eat this stuff up, don’t we? It gives us a better understanding of a player’s “real,” true self . . . allows us a glimpse of the person behind the player. (Which can be good or bad, depending on your experience!) I don’t want these stories to get lost in the Comments, so if you have one you’re open to sharing with the group, e-mail me here and I’ll feature your submission in a future Deuce Club post. Hope this catches on!

No topic this week—just wanted to prepare a space for you to go off-topic over the weekend (or you can certainly call matches here, as well). No virtual Oscars party this year, but if you’re watching the show on Sunday and could use some company, come on back here and we’ll gab about this year’s winners and losers (and fashion hits and misses!).

Have a great weekend, TWibe!

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