Radwanska's dad goes from coach to tourist

by: Matt Cronin | March 30, 2012

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Agnieszka Radwanska says that no longer having her father as full-time traveling coach has given a boost to her game. Last July while in California, Radwanska asked her father to go home, and she hired Polish Fed Cup captain Tomasz Wiktorowski full time. Her father is at the Sony Ericsson Open with her, but is not coaching her. Since Radwanska relieved her father of full-time coaching duties, she has won four WTA Premier hard-court titles and has reached the Miami final for the first time. 

"My dad is also here but is like a tourist," No. 4 Radwanska told reporters. "But when I'm practicing, doing everything with Tomasz. It's good and nice just to separate those things like being a father, being a coach. But at home I'm still practicing with my dad. So is not a really big change, to be honest…My dad was traveling with me all my life and we practice together for 17 years, almost actually 18. I'm 23 already. So it's pretty long time. It's always tough to change after those kind of times. But I think it's working, and he's happy that I'm playing well. So I think this is the most important thing."
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