RG Crisis Center: Countdown!

by: Peter Bodo | May 26, 2012

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PicHowdy, everyone. I'm on my way to the farm in game-rich Andes shortly, but I wanted to give you all a fresh place to chat, and to pass on the details (below) of the Suicide Pool that has so often been a part of the Grand Slam experience for many of you. Special thanks to Mariya Konolova (as always!) for providing this information. Have a great weekend, I'll be back on Sunday - if not before. . .

-- Pete

Whether you have been dreaming of drinking your sorrows away in the Loser's Lounge while throwing darts at your favorite player's photo since the Aussie or never had the pleasure of putting all your imaginary medal chances on the likes of beacons of stability like Julien Bennetteau or Lucie Safarova, we look forward to hosting you in the French Open Suicide Pool '12 at TalkAboutTennis.com

In addition to enduring pride and a fake medal, this fortnight, winning the SP gets you a Roland Garros Swatch, generously provided by our collective friend Jon Wertheim!  

If you've played it before, you know what to do. Click here to play. You should find the thread for the first day, Sunday, (after the OOP is announced) at that link. The deadline to enter is the scheduled start of play on SUNDAY, May 27th (11 am in Paris).

If you don't know how to play the Suicide Pool, read on or click here:

You have to be a registered member of TAT to play, which you can easily become by registering here for free.

We will be keeping track of the fortunes of the TWibe. If you want your name to be tracked, please indicate this with the text "TW" in your first day's (and ONLY your first day's) pick. Only include your TW name if it’s different from your username on TAT. 





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