Olympics Crisis Center: The Final Day

by: Peter Bodo | August 04, 2012

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FedGood mornin'. I'll be covering and posting on the Olympic tennis finals today, but I wanted to make sure you all had a place to gather and jaw about the matches before, during, and after they play out. Easy Ed McGrogan fans will be glad to hear that his wedding went off beautifully, and I'm still kicking myself for not having the presence of mind to snap a photo or two with my Blackberry, to post here.

Ed looked nothing less than dashing in a cream-colored suit and his bride, Danielle, was smashing in a Grace Kelly-ish way. They made a wonderful couple and the ceremony in a small stone church in Cold Spring, New York - a quaint town with a pretty waterfront on the broad-shouldered Hudson River - was traditional and refreshingly streamlined.  

Enjoy the finals today. I'm looking for a Williams sweep, and if the weather reports are accurate we may be watching "indoor" tennis tomorrow. That would certainly help Federer - as if he needed any more of that. Earlier in the week, Murray himself suggested that his game works better under al fresco conditions because, Murray feels, he can do more with his shots - and more that can discombobulate his opponents. Murray winning a gold in London at Wimbledon would be not just a great honor, it would be a somewhat unexpected reward for having been such a game competitor at those grounds, and on behalf of the same UK, for such a long time, almost all of it under Jess Ennis-grade pressure.

But it sure looks like I'll have to do some serious updating of Roger my recently published e-book, Roger Federer: the Man, the Matches, the Rivals (see upper right corner of this page, or just click here).

 -- Pete

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