Question of the Day: Replacing Grommets

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | September 17, 2012

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I use an old Wilson Profile that’s long been discontinued. I still love the way it plays, and have no intention of switching to a newer frame. The only problem is, the grommets on the frame are completely shot, and I haven’t had much luck finding replacements for them. With how jagged the holes are, the grommets are already starting to shear through my strings. I’m still keeping my eye out at thrift stores and yard sales, but am not hopeful. Any suggestions? I would very much like to keep playing with my trusty stick.—Gerry S.

It’s often the case, Gerry, replacement grommets for discontinued frames are tough to come by. And it’s never good when your grommets—not your swings—are the ones snapping the strings. Lucky for you, there’s a pretty simple solution: Nylon tubing. The tubing’s not expensive—it comes in reels that you can buy for only a few dollars—nor is it difficult to install. Simply cut a piece roughly the size of the space you need to thread, and insert it into the worn out grommet. The string fits through the tubing, and so by doing is protected from shearing. Talk to a qualified stringer if you need help or further information. Good luck, and enjoy your Profile!

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