Hewitt: Tomic must train harder; I'm still playing

Saturday, November 17, 2012 /by

Lleyton Hewitt says fellow Australian Bernard Tomic has had “an average year on and off the court,” but believes that the youngster will turn things around. This season, Tomic was accused of tanking matches and had a couple of off-court incidents that made him tabloid fodder.

“He’s got to get back out there and do the hard yards and work on small areas of his game to become a better player,” Hewitt told the Australian press. “But it doesn’t fully surprise me that he didn’t jump into the Top 10 this year, because sometimes that second year is tougher than your first year.’’

The 31-year-old Hewitt added that he has gotten to know Tomic a lot better this year and thinks he can help him.

“He’s just got to train harder,” Hewitt said.

The frequently injured Hewitt added that he has no plans to retire next year, saying he’s pain free.

“I would seriously doubt it. I’d say I’d be back again,” Hewitt said when asked if the 2013 Australian Open would be his last. “Well, I’m playing all next year, and I can’t see me stopping at the Paris Indoors when there’s the Australian Open a month later. Unless, obviously, [there’s] a major injury … But right at the moment, this won’t be my last.’’

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