An Open (Fan) Letter to Jelena Ristic

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Jelena Ristic, do we need to talk?

Um, Jele, where are you? You haven’t made an appearance at Melbourne Park yet this year, and it’s not the same without you. Evidently it hasn’t bothered your boyfriend—Novak’s into the semis again—but as he’s making a historic run at an Australian Open three-peat, we’re starting to wonder why you’re not here, rocking a cute boho cap courtside. Was it something we did? For the record, we’re not the ones who posted your fat-face picture online. That was your practical Djoker. And it seems like you have forgiven him.

Maybe we came on too strong last year by anointing you our first lady of tennis. But you deserve it! We officially adore you and want to be your people. Mirka never wanted the role anyway (10 years, and not one single interview to the mainstream press).

We knew you were our Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton all rolled into one the minute we saw the footage of your Hello, Magazine photo shoot with Novak following his Wimbledon victory in 2011. Yes, you’re beautiful and lovely and charming, and we want to raid your closet.

We understand what he sees in you. You’re smart—holding a bachelor’s degree by most accounts, and a graduate degree by others. You’re independent—that’s why you’re not courtside for every single match. You carry yourself like his playful partner in crime, and you’re now working side by side with him for his foundation. In his own words (this interview, translated from Serbian by Ana Mitric, a contributor for The Tennis Space): “She won me over first of all with her sincerity, her intelligence—and ultimately we developed a great understanding, a great love…” When you’re on your feet cheering in the stands, we can see how much you care about him, too. It’s just too adorable.

Hop a flight, Jele, if you haven’t already. Novak will likely make history on Sunday. We’ll try to keep it together.

[Megan Fernandez guests here as a friend of the Daily Spin. She is an Indianapolis-based lifestyle magazine journalist with a tennis habit, covering Cincinnati's Western & Southern Financial Group Masters and Women's Open for Tennis Panorama News. Follow her on Twitter @MeganFernandez7.]

—Jonathan Scott (@jonscott9)

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