Video: Federer waxes magical in improvised shot

by: Jonathan Scott | March 13, 2013

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The hits keep coming for Roger Federer, who has more accolades to his name than space allows for here. His latest highlight:

The commentator's take on it, something that is unlikely ever to be said about any of the rest of us: "He's just so good at improvising and just creating things with his wrist."

Some may feign surprise at Federer's quick thinking and execution, but in truth, we know that this is but another plume in his cap, another dart in his quiver of tricks. Despite not yet winning a 2013 tournament, says here the Greatest of All Time has still got "it." And so few, including him, have truly come to know what that it is.

Still, some things do make the GOAT shiver—namely a 4.7-magnitude earthquake in the Indian Wells, California, area. Said Federer of the rumbling, "I didn't know how long it was going to last, if it was going to get worse from there, or if the worst was already past. It was a very strange feeling to have because you see the windows shaking and you look up and realize you're under a structure. It was quite scary for a second there."

And yet, once again, he made it out unscathed. The rest of this BNP Paribas Open event will be quite intriguing for how Federer combats the younger and, yes, faster hotshots aiming for him. He knows full well that, in light of his recent troubles with Tomas Berdych, many think they can take successful cracks at the all-time Grand Slam singles champion in men's tennis.

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