Report: Tomic told police his father assaulted hitting partner

by: Matt Cronin May 06, 2013

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The Spanish wire service EFE reports that Bernard Tomic admitted to Spanish police that it was indeed his father, John, who assaulted his hitting partner, Thomas Drouet. The incident occurred in Madrid on Saturday at 3:40 PM on a street outside of a player hotel.

Drouet was found laying on the sidewalk bleeding after John Tomic allegedly headbutted him, knocking him out cold for 20 minutes.

EFE reports that the police interviewed Bernard, who told them that it was his father who headbutted Drouet. The police then went into the hotel and arrested John. However, L’Equipe reported that Bernard told police that he was not around at the time of the incident.

John Tomic is no longer under arrest, but must stay in Spain for his court hearing, which was supposed to be on Monday.

The Herald Sun reported that Drouet said he had been treated like a “dog” and a “piece of s---” by John Tomic for months. Drouet also said that after John demanded he buy him a carton of milk before they were heading to the airport, Drouet said he didn’t have time, which lead to the assault.

“He spat in my face, then walked away, and said he wouldn’t pay me any more,” Drouet said. “I said, ‘OK, John, you are a real man. That’s fine. Bernard will pay me’. And he head-butted me. Every day he treat me like a dog for six months, with disrespect and then this. But he need to be off the ATP.”

Drouet also alleged to the newspaper that John Tomic had punched Bernard in the mouth during a practice session last Tuesday, leaving the player in tears. John Tomic told The Age that he wasn’t guilty and was acting in self-defense.

Former Aussie standout Neal Fraser told The Age, “It’s disgraceful. I’d like to know more of the details…it’s what you could say is another hiccup on the path of Bernie’s road to wherever he wants to go…to me it’s most un-Australian and unnecessary.”

Todd Woodbridge, Tennis Australia’s head of professional tennis, said on the radio that, “What’s important for us at Tennis Australia is that this allegation is thrown towards John, his dad, and not to Bernard.”

If John Tomic is found guilty, Bernard Tomic is subject to a fine of up to $100,000 and/or suspension from play for a period of up to three years, under ATP rules. It is unclear under what situation he could receive a lifetime ban.

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