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Roger Federer, Serena Williams go incognito in new ads

Thursday, June 20, 2013 /by

They harbor twelve Wimbledon singles titles between them, and smart new racquet-highlight spots from Wilson Tennis depict Roger Federer and Serena Williams going undercover to aid seemingly hapless hackers on court. Serena dons a straw sun-hat and nerdy spectacles while Fed puts on a curvaceous faux-moustache that makes him look like Super Mario.  (We'd wondered why Serena was sporting that hat in a previous Wilson spot.)

See the commercials here:

Which ad do you like better? Says here the Serena bit is quite amusing, almost spastic. On the heels of this week's Steubenville rape-case controversy involving her and Rolling Stone magazine, this is a welcomed, lighthearted departure.

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