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Why They'll Win, Why They Won't: Andy Murray

Saturday, August 24, 2013 /by

It doesn’t take long to have your thunder stolen in this era of tennis. Six weeks ago, Murray was the toast not just of the sport, but of all sports. He had ended a 77-year dry spell for British men at Wimbledon, and the sky was the limit as far as his future went. Now, after two early, indifferent losses in Montreal and Cincinnati, he’s been shoved from the headlines at the US Open by the winner of those two events, Rafael Nadal. But low-profile may be how Murray likes it. Last year he lost early at both of those tune-up events and went on to win the Open. A letdown after his Wimbledon title at the smaller tournaments is understandable; we’ll see if it lasts through the big one as well. Most intriguing for Murray would be a match-up with Rafa; the two haven’t played since Andy became a Grand Slam champ.

Why He’ll Win: Over the year, Murray has turned himself into a big-match player. In the last year, he has beaten Djokovic in two Slam finals, and Federer in a semi. He’ll be ready for whatever he faces in New York.

Why He Won’t: Murray has conquered everything and everyone in tennis except one: Rafael Nadal. None of Murray’s major or Olympic titles have come with a win over Rafa. This time, he may not be able to avoid the Spaniard.

Bottom Line: Murray is a big-match player now, but two obstacles may stand in his way: A post-Wimbledon letdown and Rafael Nadal.

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