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Why They'll Win, Why They Won't: Petra Kvitova

Saturday, August 24, 2013 /by

The women’s draw may not be as “wide open” as it was a few years ago, when Kvitova won a Grand Slam title at Wimbledon, but should Serena and/or Vika slip up in Queens, things could get western pretty quickly. Cases can be made for about 10 ladies as true contenders, and Kvitova might be the most appealing of them all. She has the experience, a big serve and is left-handed—arguably as desirable combination as you could ask for. But there are reasons to be wary. For all the Czech’s physical gifts, her mentality sometimes befits a player who lacks her accomplishments. She has 18 losses this season, including many in early rounds, so expect most matches—even those against lesser opponents—to present a test. B+’s are nice, but at this point in Kvitova’s career, the expectation is A’s.

Why She’ll Win: If she’s playing to her potential, Kvitova can roll though the majority of the field on a fast surface. She possesses the firepower to defeat even the WTA’s best.

Why She Won’t: Kvitova fans will have to sweat out seven matches if she’s to win her second Slam, as consistency has never been her forte. And if she’s off, she’s way off—like, forehands into the front row off.

Bottom Line: Kvitova is tennis’ version of an early-round draft pick that can either make or break a fantasy football season. The potential reward is great, but there’s an awful lot of risk.

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