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With the 2013 tennis season in the past, it's time to dole out our annual awards. Look for the winners—for better or worse—throughout this week on TENNIS.com. (To see what's been unveiled thus far, click here.)

The sentiment above reflects the majority opinion regarding this season's tweets as posted by professional tennis players.  @RogerFederer? Ace, but his hilarious Twitter Q&As are sporadic. @MariaSharapova? More droll and quirky as her tweeting self than you might think, though still lapsing into "what to wear?" #SharapovaProblems at times. @DjokerNole and @RafaelNadal? All-out PR machines on this social medium by now. @Andy_Murray? A regular comedian and truth teller on Twitter, but still probably the second-best at it in his immediate family.

When it comes to Twitter spunk and fun in spades—for better or worse, but overwhelmingly for the better—no one rivals @TomasBerdych. The Czech mate has been accused of a soulless lack of sportsmanship on the court at times, but his generally stoic, slightly icy demeanor in-match is rectified by his thoroughly engaging, wonderfully voiced tweets.

All the evidence one needs as Berdych's Twitter personality and frequent wizardry can be summed up in this quip that he tweeted after some tennis fans attacked him for noting—not criticizing—that Novak Djokovic didn't show up at the Davis Cup final's closing dinner over the weekend.

Berdych had deleted his previous post and explained why, jokingly, in the tweet above. (No word yet as to whether "Djoky" hopes to take it out on him at the Australian Open in January.) That's Berdych in a nutshell: A bit misunderstood, and also slightly aloof. He doesn't always seem to realize how his words or demeanor or actions—or inactions; read: post-match handshakes that don't happen—will affect others, be they his peers or his fans. But he does wield a fiendishly clever wit and a refreshing verve on Twitter among all of his colleagues' posts as they sit at dinner or sport designer clothes.  

Suffice it to say, no tennis players' tweets are as talked about by all other observers of the sport as Berdych's—and that's certainly good enough to award him our Tweeter of the Year designation. Do you agree with this selection? If not, make the case for your own favorite in the comments below.  

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