Sharapova to Barty: Create your own path

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 /by
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AP Photo

Australian Ashleigh Barty, who withdrew from her Brisbane match against Maria Sharapova because of a left thigh injury, says she doesn't recalls seeing the Russian win Wimbledon in 2004. The 17-year-old Barty says she never watched a lot of pro tennis on television. The 26-year-old Sharapova was much the same way as a teenager.

“I think that's the way to do it,” said Sharapova, who advanced to the quarterfinals via walkover. “You really have to be focused on your job and game and not worry about anyone else's results. You create your own path. There's going to be times where it's difficult and you're going to have some letdowns, but a lot of things are in your hands. 

“If you put in the work and the effort, and at the end of the day things don't work out, you did everything you could and you don't have regrets. You don't look sideways or forward or backwards. It's really about the present and creating things on your own and with your team.”

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