Let's Give Marinko Matosevic a New Moniker

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The Artist Formerly (or Never) Known as Mad Dog came a bit unglued at his press conference after losing a five-set marathon to No. 16 Kei Nishikori yesterday at the Australian Open.

Australia's Marinko Matosevic is now an incredible 0-12 in Grand Slam main-draw matches. He also made no friends, tossing the chair umpire, the fans in his homeland, and even his coach, Mark Woodforde, under the proverbial bus after the loss. In doing so, though it didn't come in the heat of the actual battle on-court, Matosevic provided tennis fans with the closest thing they may see to a Jerzy Janowicz–styled meltdown a year after that spectacular outburst.

This match was not without its alleged gamesmanship between Nishikori and Not Mad Dog, but surely Matosevic was mostly frustrated by his relentless poor luck in not advancing in his nation's own Grand Slam event. And he seemed to let nearly every conceivable thing irk him. In the press room, he said, “Hearing the stupid nickname—it's not my nickname. Some idiot put it on Wikipedia."

This isn't the first time Not Mad Dog has railed against the nickname, however. At the Sydney event earlier this month, he wondered aloud about it: "I never get it anywhere besides here in Sydney. ... So I think it's a person from up here. They're having me on or something. I know some idiot put it on Wikipedia because last year I came to Sydney, some journalist asked me about the Mad Dog, too. I was like, what the 'F'? ... It's okay, but Mad Dog, what is that? Like a dog with rabies? I don't know. ... Honestly, I don't get it anywhere but in Sydney. I think it's a Sydney person with too much time on their hands."

Apparently that Sydney Person followed Matosevic to Melbourne, as evidenced by his displeasure after losing to Nishikori. Even so, the "harm" has been self-inflicted: "Mad Dog" appears on his personal website's homepage.

So have at it, tennis fans: If Matosevic (allegedly) doesn't like his nickname, what new would would you ascribe to him?

P.S. Here's a look at Matosevic from three years ago. See, he can be happy and easy-going. Just don't put him in a 104-degree (F) pit for five searing sets.

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