Tennis Player Names Get the Travolta Treatment

by: Jonathan Scott | March 03, 2014

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John Travolta may or may not have decided to see who was actually paying attention to last night's Academy Award telecast and who was truly snoozing. Regardless, he basically destroyed actress and singer Idina Menzel's name, as shown in this clip:

Of course, it took less than a day for someone, namely Chris Kirk at Slate, to take that verbal flub and turn it into something useful for the masses. All hail the Adele Dazeem Name Generator.

Tennis players' full names, abounding in -ovas and multiple syllables and so on, would certainly confound the already lost-looking Travolta. So we thought we'd take the names of a few retired and active pros for a spin in the machine. Here we go:

Serena Williams ... Stephanie Wazeems
Monica Seles ... Madison Steeveens
Anna Chakvetadze ... Anya Colezan
Marcelo Rios ... Mikolaj Rozz (Sounds like a bad cocktail name; no doubt Rios would be furious.)
Tamarine Tanasugarn ... Catherine Thompseen
Roger Federer ... Rosie Ferzguson
Anna Kournikova ... Anya Keened
Mark Philippoussis ... Mia Phillips
Maria Sharapova ... Martha Sharap

(And for some fun now ...)

Steve Tignor ... Shae Tayzlor
Peter Bodo ... Preston Gordzo
Ed McGrogan ... Eve Morzgan

Which one is your favorite? Have you discovered an even better one in the tennis ranks? And what's your own? The Spin relishes Sharapova as "Martha Sharap," based on how many tennis-fan tweeters already address her as "Martha" on that medium. Signing off for now, I'm Johnathan Chort.

Got a thought, a tip, or a point to make? Hit me on Twitter @jonscott9.

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