2015 Australian Open Fashion Aces: The Men

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Here at the Daily Spin, I've already detailed the women's winners and losers in this Australian Open fashion game. But the Spin relishes equality, and thus the men competing in this season's first Grand Slam event now get the same treatment.

(Just ahead of dipping into the style realm, a note about a couple suspects missing in action: Regardless of what you might have worn or on which list you would have landed on, Robin Soderling and Janko Tipsarevic, we miss you.)

Roger Federer's gray-and-yellow attire works because it involves agreeable opposites on the color wheel. It's not "peRFection," but it makes the fluorescent-canary tone pleasing in a way Victoria Azarenka could not Down Under. Plus, the green on Fed's Nike shirt makes for a crisp accent color. And, well, now it's gone. (Thanks for everything, Andreas Seppi.)

Never afraid of pink, Rafael Nadal rocks it in Melbourne, with his own bright yellow Nike pops remaining complementary, not glaring. His shorts are in rare form—which is to say increasingly short form—but I've yet to hear anyone complain. They're rather sheer to boot. Rafa says this "Happy Slam" makes him want to dress in fun tones, in light of how fans make him feel in Melbourne. So be it.

Be it in blue or yellow, Feliciano Lopez's Ellesse shirt is a winner. Of course it helps when the player a brand is outfitting is just plain good-looking. That is, in part, the genetic blessing that is his legacy. Regardless, the Spin is ready to declare Feli (or "Deliciano" per Judy Murray) this major's Best Dressed man.

Plus, he's a stand-up gentleman when he accidentally clocks a ballboy in the goods with a serve:

Novak Djokovic, in Uniqlo, wears a day-match outfit with a cerulean shirt paired wonderfully with white shorts. (Execs at Adidas may or may not be shaking their heads about letting the Serb go gently into that good life.)

Speaking of Adidas, Fernando Verdasco wears its new purple treads well, and it's an interesting pairing with gray. As purple is your dogged Spin keeper's favorite color, FeVer lands on this list, even if his shirt seems to have been doused in purple ink.

On that note, I suppose this means Fabio Fognini makes the best-dressed list to boot. Okay then, well, in a word—coattails.

Stan Wawrinka, wearing Yonex, looks splendid in a spruced-up-in-blues white tee. This may be the best shirt that brand has ever put out for men. And not a shabby idea to hand it to the reigning Aussie Open champ.

Blue and orange look so good together that Gael Monfils, in Asics, gets a pass insofar as the frenetic pattern on his shorts is concerned. This look is fiendish fun, as is his tennis.

Freshly outfitted in Under Armour now, Andy Murray enjoys vibrant-and-dark colorways, green and black. Looking forward to what he sports for the rest of 2015 in his new sponsor's offerings.

Dig the diagonal-grid print of David Ferrer's Lotto top. That's all.

Milos Raonic looks sleek and (dare I say it) graceful in his fluorescent green–and-gray New Balance garb. Good on him. The colors come off well together.

​Julien Benneteau, in Lacoste, ​wins with an orange polo that delightfully complements the Aussie Open's sharp blue courts.

All right, tennis-fashion fan, which look do you favor? And is there one you find glaringly omitted here? It's your right: Share your agreements and issue your grievances by sounding off below.

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