Martina Hingis: My Mom

by: Martina Hingis | December 02, 2015

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It takes four letters to spell “hero,” but just three to spell Martina Hingis’: Mom. (AP Photo)

The stars of our sport shared stories about their heroes, both in life and on the court, and how these idols shaped who they are today. For more "My Hero" submissions, click here.

My biggest influence was my mother; she is my life mentor. She guided me through my life, teaching me everything. In sport, I think she's the greatest coach, for not only me but now Belinda Bencic. She always tries to make the most of the moment and the situation, and gave me a chance in life.

I think we all appreciate our parents more as we get older. Our parents are always there for us. Sometimes you don't want to hear it, but then you digest it. I'm almost in touch with her now more than before, about tennis and life.

I still use the lessons she gave me, and it's great that I still have her to talk to about things. She was watching Wimbledon, [when I won the doubles and mixed titles], and I saw her after and we celebrated. She's so experienced. Now I'm smart enough to listen.

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