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USE THE FORCE: Dunlop Force Racquet

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 /by

Arriving in late January 2016, Dunlop now has five new frames in its updated Force line. As opposed to the customizable options available in the iDapt Force frames that premiered last year, these new Force models are strictly fixed handle.

In fact, it’s the handle that houses the company’s latest technology. The SR-X system is composed of glass fiber rods positioned in channels in the handle to help dissipate vibration, resulting in a cushier feel at impact. The size of the flare at the base of the grip has also been increased by 30 percent to enhance racquet control and stability.

There are also some carryover technologies from previous Dunlop lines. Aeroskin CX will be present on the surface of the frames to reduce wind drag and promote greater racquet head speed and power. Parallel drilling, which debuted in the iDapt frames, will also continue with these Force models. Whereas in previous Dunlop racquets the grommets were aimed in the direction of the curvature of the frame, these a realigned to be directly across from one another. This is meant to widen the sweet spot and mitigate the damage on off-center hits.

The five frames that comprise the new line are the Force 98, Force 98 Tour, Force100, Force 100 Tour and Force 105. The racquet weights range from 10 to 11 oz.unstrung, with somewhat thick beams and firm flexes. All the frames own 16x19string patterns and are standard length, except for the 105, which is slightly extended by a quarter-inch. The MSRP on all five models is $180.



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