Tennis Channel Gives Back: TC committed to helping NYJTL change lives

by: Brad Kallet | April 01, 2017

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Throughout this week, Tennis Channel will be in Cuba to document an unprecedented transformation of the country's National Tennis Center. It is the latest example of how tennis can be used to help change lives for the better. Throughout this week, we'll look back at some of the network's most notable efforts of giving back.

For years, Tennis Channel has played an integral role in advancing New York Junior Tennis & Learning’s mission of “changing lives through tennis and education.” And back in 2013, NYJTL recognized the network’s efforts at its annual luncheon.

Tennis Channel Chairman & CEO Ken Solomon was also honored with the NYJTL Leadership Award.

NYJTL is the largest nonprofit youth tennis and education program in the United States. Based in Queens, the organization serves 75,000 kids in the New York area, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade.

“The Tennis Channel is being honored in 2013 because it represents excellence in presenting all the benefits of playing tennis, from the highest levels of the professional game to the joys of the everyday player,” said Dr. Deborah Antoine, NYJTL’s President & CEO. “Ken Solomon has been the driving force behind the growth of the Tennis Channel into more than 35 million homes nationwide.”

Solomon is a strong proponent of what NYJTL is striving to do in the community, and the Tennis Channel is committed to using its vast resources to help the organization attain its many goals.

“Their mission is so aligned with everything that we believe in,” he said. “We’re just happy to be able to play a role and be a part at Tennis Channel.”

NYJTL has accomplished a great deal in its 45 years of service. Presently, the nonprofit mentors 10,000 children annually; it’s provided 500,000 hours of free community tennis and reached 75,000 children through tennis training.

But there’s plenty more to be done—there always is—and NYJTL and the Tennis Channel will continue working together to positively influence as many lives as they can.

“I can’t think of a more inspiring leader presenting tennis as a way of life to the many thousands of children we serve,” Antoine said of Solomon. 

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