French anti-doping authorities criticize ITF for lack of cooperation

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The ITF has "extreme disdain for national anti-doping agencies," the AFLD director said. (AP)

The French Anti-Doping Agency (AFLD) has criticized the International Tennis Federation for not allowing it to conduct its own testing at the French Open. 

The ITF has "an extreme disdain for national anti-doping agencies," AFLD director Damien Ressiot was quoted as saying by AFP at a presentation.

AFLD President Bruno Genevois played down the appearance of conflict, but also agreed there was a problem.

"It is less inclined towards cooperation,” he said. “…We have attempted for several years to have an agreement with the ITF. They do not respond."

The AFLD can conduct testing off the grounds.  

"It is necessary, in order to obtain the authorizations, to establish a relative coordination with the organization in change of anti-doping,” Genevois said. “…Following our letters, the ITF furnished us with some [player whereabouts] details, but they were not very precise."

The ITF runs the tennis anti-doping program with funds from the Grand Slams, the ATP tour and the WTA tour.

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