Roger Federer recounts the most exciting shots of his brilliant career

by: Kamakshi Tandon | September 02, 2018

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WATCH—Roger Federer defeats Nick Kyrgios in straight sets at the US Open:

NEW YORK—Roger Federer says his around-the-net-post winner against Nick Kyrgios was "definitely one of the more unique ones" he's hit in a career punctuated by some famous crowd-pleasing shots.

Federer ran down a sharply angled shot from Kyrgios and hit an even better reply in their third-round encounter at the US Open, sweeping it around the net and down the line for a winner that left Kyrgios incredulous.

Following a straight-set win, Federer explained why the shot was so special.

"For a shot like this to happen in a practice, you will be running into a fence and you will hit it into the net," he said. "These shots can only really happen on a big court where you play with the single posts in the doubles alley.

"I have hit a few throughout my career, and, sure, they are always fun, just because sometimes you can sort of aim for them...As you're hitting it, you're, like, ‘Oh, I can just shove it down the line and just flat.’ That's what happened today. I definitely think it was a special one, no doubt about it."

Following the shot, Kyrgios gestured towards Federer, and watched the replays smiling.

"I was trying to tell him that the shot wasn't that good," he grinned. "No, it was almost unreal. Almost got to the point where I wanted him to start making shots like that, and I finally got it."

Federer also recounted some of his other memorable winners, including against Andy Roddick in Basel in 2006, Andre Agassi in Dubai in 2009, and Novak Djokovic at the US Open, also in 2009.

"I do believe the smash off the smash against Roddick was special just because it was way back in the court, as well. And then there was one more in Dubai against Agassi on break point. I was able to flick a ball. I still don't know how I did it today. It went for a lob," he said. "It was just a massive point on top of it, and it was against Andre. 

"And then the one through the legs here against Novak, just because of the magnitude of the shot, as well. I think it was 6-5, 0-30, it was just also a big-time moment in the game, which obviously always matters, as well."

While Federer scored the biggest highlight, Kyrgios did produce an unusual feat of his own, imitating Federer's serving motion to win a point during the first set. The Australian has also done it in other matches against other players, but Federer recognized that it was now being used against him. 

"Yes, of course, I knew right away when he imitates my serve, and I have seen him doing it several times. Also that he's been using my serve, sometimes to great effect, which I'm very happy to see," Federer joked.

Federer has not dropped a set while reaching the fourth round.

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