Back at No. 1, Osaka wants to keep positive attitude this time around

Back at No. 1, Osaka wants to keep positive attitude this time around

The 21-year-old hasn't reached a final since taking over the top stop for the first time in January.

Two-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka, who returned to No. 1 this week, returns to the courts in Cincinnati with a positive attitude despite her defeat to Serena Williams a few days ago. 

Osaka fell to Williams in the quarterfinals in Toronto, but said she enjoyed herself during the contest and during the week. 

“I think I stayed positive throughout all my matches. I tried different things,” a smiling Osaka said. “I tried to slice. I tried to drop shot. I played really well, despite the circumstances. I think moving on forward into Cincinnati and into New York, I can have a lot of positive things.”

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Being positive is something she's found difficult recently. Before the tournament, Osaka had publicly acknowledged that she had not "had fun" playing since her victory at the Australian Open. She hasn't won another title so far this season, and was teary following a  first-round exit at Wimbledon.

The 21-year-old says she's happy to be back at No. 1, and wants to learn from her experience the first time around.

“I guess excited. But also at the same time, I feel like that's a position that I think requires a lot of work," she said. "I can't really let what other people say affect me. 

“I just have to keep working hard and putting effort.”