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Gear Q&A: Tension Headaches

If you don't play with a newly strung racquet, does it still lose tension?

Nov 17, 2017
by Jon Levey

This Just In: New arrivals at The Pro Shop

Gear from Babolat, Tecnifibre, Solinco, Volkl and others

Oct 30, 2017
by Jon Levey

The NYJTL's Cary Leeds Center is a player venue and community resource

It shouldn't stick out, said the NYJTL—but it was impossible to remain under the radar.

Oct 29, 2017
by Jon Levey

Gear Q&A: Pull The String

How frequently should a racquet get restrung?

Oct 24, 2017
by Jon Levey

Gear Q&A: Break The Mold

Are there any modern racquets that offer no help?

Oct 13, 2017
by Jon Levey

Gear Q&A: Miracle Worker

Can new strings reinvent your game?

Oct 04, 2017
by Jon Levey

Movie Magic: Gear Inspired By “Battle Of The Sexes”

A racquet, bag and shirt with proceeds benefiting the Women’s Sports Foundation  

Sep 27, 2017
by Jon Levey

Gear Q&A: Plus and Minus

Which is better: The standard or extended Yonex VCORE SV 98?

Sep 18, 2017
by Jon Levey

US Open Notebook: Gear trends we discovered at the season's final Slam

Five takeaways from discussions with the game's top manufacturers

Sep 15, 2017
by Jon Levey