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Ten years ago, Andre Agassi left an indelible mark on the U.S. Open in saying goodbye

Agassi’s paean to the game was both a confession and an admission.  

Sep 03, 2016
by Peter Bodo

U.S. Open Pressure Points: No. 1 seed Serena Williams and her race against time

Approaching 35 and with a new challenger to her throne, can the all-time great do it again?

Aug 25, 2016
by Peter Bodo

U.S. Open Pressure Points: No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic and an unexpected turn of events

In just a few short weeks, Andy Murray has changed the conversation in men’s tennis.

Aug 25, 2016
by Peter Bodo

With a history of highs and lows, what is Rafael Nadal’s New York state of mind this year?

The two-time U.S. Open champion remains a question mark in Queens.

Aug 23, 2016
by Peter Bodo

Hall of a Contrast

Safin and Henin couldn't have competed more differently, but both will be enshrined. 

Jul 14, 2016
by Peter Bodo

The Future of Tennis

Five bold predictions about a sport long averse to change.

Jun 14, 2016
by Peter Bodo

Not a perfect March for Djokovic, who was blindsided after Indian Wells

All the world No. 1 was doing when he made those "controversial" comments was looking out for himself and his peers. 

Apr 07, 2016
by Peter Bodo

WTA has become a tour with plenty of stars, but almost no champions

Serena and Sharapova are the only two women who have the game and the temperament to compete week-in, week-out, as if their lives depended on it.

Feb 25, 2016
by Peter Bodo

Rafa Déjà Vu: It's an ideal time for snakebit Nadal to make a move

Can the Spaniard make up for the fearlessness and ferocious forehands he's seemingly lost?

Feb 11, 2016
by Peter Bodo