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Doubles Instruction: Loud and Sneaky

Tuesday, May 14, 2013 /by
Illustration by Jon Rodgers
Illustration by Jon Rodgers

This works great when one opponent is returning serve, especially in the deuce court for a right-handed player. To execute the perfect fake, you need loud feet. As your opponent takes back his or her racquet to return serve, step loudly to the middle as if you are going to poach. Your step will be louder than it will be big, and you should lean your shoulders toward the middle, too.

The returner won’t realize that you have kept your weight centered and can easily return to where you started. If the returner hits cross-court to your partner, who is serving, there’s no harm for your team. But if the returner tries to pass you down the line, you’ll be back where you started and ready to angle a volley for a winner.

Katrina Adams is a former Top 10 doubles player and a commentator for Tennis Channel.


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