Miami Open

  • March 22 - April 02, 2017

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"I would have been happy to accept a draw with Rafa," said Roger Federer after a dramatic win over his rival in this year's Aussie Open final. Would he have gone so far as to accept a loss? That, in a sense, is what Andre Agassi did 23 years ago after a selfless act in Miami. "The morning of the final, Pete Sampras was suffering from the stomach flu and was close to defaulting," recalls Sam Henderson, director of media and PR for the Miami Open. "Agassi agreed to delay the start time by an hour to allow Sampras more time to rehydrate. Sampras went on to win the match." Federer has beaten Rafael Nadal in the Miami final as well, in 2005. But a year earlier, it was Nadal who prevailed in their very first encounter. 


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WATCH: Federer and Nadal interview each other

Federer wanted to know if Nadal was nervous during their first match... He clearly wasn't.