Racquet Preview: Dunlop FX Series

by: Jon Levey | July 13, 2020

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Dunlop FX 500

Racquet franchises aren’t always easily classified, but Dunlop has simplified the identities of its lines with the core elements of the game in mind. First came the CX series, which put the focus on increased control; that was followed by the SX family, with its emphasis on more spin; now comes FX, designed to hit the ball with maximum force. 

The composition of the firm, variable width beams of the FX frames revolves around power production. A notable addition to this pursuit is the new Power Boost Groove technology. A groove under the grommets allows for greater grommet deformation and string elongation at impact. This creates a larger sweet spot and enhanced ball rebound. 

The aerodynamic head shape and wider throat—together dubbed Power Boost Frame Geometry—are also novel to the line. These attributes encourage faster swing speed with increased stability. Both valuable assets when trying to hit with pace.

However, crushing shots isn’t worthwhile if they’re not landing inside the lines. To add some control to the equation Flex Touch Resin has been placed in the throat. The unique thermoplastic elastomer compound brings high elasticity and vibration-dampening properties to improve the comfort and feel of the frame. The better command of shots will give players the confidence to swing out and take advantage of the power potential without fear of piling up errors.

Just as with the CX and FX frames, the FX models inherit Sonic Core with Infinergy—an elastic material at 10 and 2 o’clock of the frame to improve ball speed and comfort at impact—and PowerGrid String Technology—a denser string pattern in the middle of the frame and wider spacing toward the top for a more even power distribution and better control.

Model Head Size
(sq. in.)


RA/Stiffness String
FX 500 Tour 98 27 10.8 9 pts. HL 21-23-21 70 16x19
FX 500 100 27 10.6 7 pts. HL 23-26-23 71 16x19
FX 500 LS 100 27 10.1 7 pts. HL 23-26-23 71 16x19
FX 500 Lite 100 27 9.5 4 pts. HL 23-26-23 71 16x19
FX 700 107 27.5 9.3 3 pts. HL 23-27-23 70 16x19


There are five frames in the FX series, priced from $180 to $200. They are all currently available for pre-order. Visit www.dunlopsports.com to learn which one would suit your game. And check back in the coming weeks for full reviews on several of the models.

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