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by: Tennis.com | August 02, 2016

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Enhanced scores. New tournament view. And much more.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the future of TENNIS.com. Today, part of that future has arrived.

Over the past 20 years, our website has undergone numerous transformations, the latest of which is the one you’re currently witnessing. No matter if you’re reading this from a computer, tablet or phone, TENNIS.com’s responsive design ensures that you’ll receive the same breadth of content, catered to your device.

One of the new features we’re introducing is a revamped Tournaments page. As integral as tournaments are to the pro game, it had previously been a challenge for fans to find everything they want to know about them—news, information, scores, draws—all in one place. Our Tournaments section takes care of that, with everything you need to know from every event around the world. Be sure to bookmark it.

Another change you’ll notice is the enhancement of our Live Scores page. Now, in addition to viewing real-time scores of every match from every tournament, you can delve deeper into each contest with three distinct viewing experiences: before, during and after the match. You’ll find previews, head-to-head comparisons, relevant player news, in-depth statistics and much more. One of our most popular pages just got even better.

The new TENNIS.com is something we’re proud of and something we believe you’ll enjoy. It’s also something we’re still refining, so check back each day for more updates. The future is a wonderful thing.

—Ed McGrogan, Senior Editor

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