Steffi Graf convinced reluctant Agassi to help Djokovic at French Open

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Andre Agassi initially said no when Novak Djokovic requested his assistance. (AP)

Andre Agassi says he initially turned down Novak Djokovic's request to coach him, but wife Steffi Graf convinced him to try the role.

"Novak called me about three weeks ago, and I said no at the start," he told a French TV show. "But my wife said, ‘You should go, you will love it.’ We had organized a family trip during Roland Garros anyway, which was planned for a long time."

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But Agassi also said that he had not yet made any commitment further than the French Open and, like many former champions now coaching, he would want to limit his appearances to a few events.

"It would not be a full-time job for me," he said.

The eight-time Grand Slam champion will not be at the tournament for the whole two weeks, but insisted he could still have a big influence—and that Djokovic can still improve his game.

"I hope to see one or two of Novak’s matches and try to bring to him what I can, because even a small remark can do a lot,” he said. “What I know, with certainty, is that he can be even better than yesterday.”

Djokovic is No. 2 in the rankings.

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